Our List of Healthcare Professionals at Proximity

Our List of Healthcare Professionals at Proximity

Our List of Healthcare Professionals at Proximity

As a healthcare organisation, you may wonder what kind of healthcare professionals we have within our brigade. Well, we have every professional that your medical establishment might need. However, in this blog, we only discuss the mainstream healthcare careers, the ones that shine within the healthcare industry and make a difference. Here at Proximity, we ensure that each professional has the right skills and mindset to provide the best medical care they can! Trust us to provide the right people for your sought-after establishment, the right care for your patients, and the vital part of your establishment, the healthcare workers.

Registered Mental Healthcare Nurse (RMN)

The role of a Mental Healthcare Nurse is to build effective relationships with people who use mental services as well as with their relatives and carers. They are registered nurses with specialised training that help assess, address, and monitor mental health. Mental Healthcare Nurses work with other healthcare professionals, such as social workers, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists, to develop and implement plans of care.

Integrating a Registered Mental Healthcare Nurse into your establishment might just be the right move! Health is now widely acknowledged as having both a physical and mental health dimension. It is estimated that at least 4 million people in the UK have a mental health condition and treatment would need to be essential at some point.

The benefits of integrating mental health into primary healthcare are significant. It ensures that the population has access to mental healthcare facilities for the likelihood of better health outcomes, and even full recovery, as well as maintained social integration. By attending to the mental health needs of someone with a physical health problem, a Mental Healthcare Nurse can provide treatment and care in a holistic manner that increases the likelihood of a positive outcome. Here at Proximity, we have only the best registered Mental Healthcare Nurses for you to choose from.

Registered General Nurse (RGN)

Registered General Nurses provide direct patient care, which can include bathing and dressing patients, administering doctor-prescribed medications, and collecting fluid samples. Nurses are a fundamental part of any healthcare organisation. Without them, clinics and hospitals would not be able to function. They provide essential care for patients by assisting doctors and other medical professionals. The importance of Registered General Nurses in any healthcare establishment is apparent.

They spend an adequate amount of time with patients, which is very important. Around 86% of the time patients spend is with their nurses and the other 14% is with their physicians. Skilled nurses know that taking the time to get to know their patients can be extremely helpful in uncovering important health information. Most importantly, nurses monitor patients’ health. They chart everything, including vital signs, their likelihood of falling (referred to as ‘fall risk score’) and current medications. They are essential, without them, your medical establishment will fail. Luckily here at Proximity, we have an array of qualified and highly skilled nurses for you to choose from!

Healthcare Assistant (HCA)

A healthcare assistant cares for patients in a hospital, residential care facility or even a patient’s home. They assist patients with daily activities, check vital signs and assist nursing staff when necessary. As well as nurses, HCAs work with doctors, midwives, and other healthcare professionals. They are the first line of support for patients and their families, providing crucial services in many different settings, including hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, health centres and the community.

HCAs play a vital role in the healthcare industry by providing extensive support to nurses and other medical professionals. When patients are ill or recovering from medical procedures, HCAs provide excellent patient care to ensure their well-being is maintained. They also provide support with crucial day-to-day tasks that aid patients’ recovery by helping them get dressed, eat meals, use the toilet, bathe, get in and out of bed and move around the ward. So, contact us because here at Proximity, we have the greatest healthcare assistants for your specific needs.

Support Worker (SW)

Healthcare Support Workers are responsible for assisting and caring for patients in a fast-paced and dynamic clinical environment. Support workers are expected to change dressings, take vital signs, and ensure that each patient has a comfortable and safe area to recover in. A Healthcare Support Worker is primarily needed in a supportive capacity for the healthcare specialists and the individual’s needs. From conducting routine health checks to administering medications and being an emotional aid in day-to-day activities. Support Workers are needed in hospital settings, General Practices and as a part of a community team. Also, sometimes in individuals’ homes where their wider team may include workers from both health and social care.

Support Workers’ roles are to check patients’ overall comfort, well-being, and progress in their care. They are essential in any medical establishment as they have an array of duties to attend to, such as measuring and monitoring blood pressure, temperature, or weight, checking wounds or applying dressings. Moreover, they carry out non-clinical duties such as handling enquiries and signposting or escorting people, keeping records, making beds, tidying the work area, and returningor cleaning equipment used during a clinical activity. Your healthcare facility could not go without Support Workers, and here at Proximity, we have Support Workers to fill in those gaps.

Mental Health HCA (MH HCA)

Mental health assistants work with psychiatric patients in hospitals, residential care facilities, and outpatient centres. They are known for their soft skills such as communication skills, emotional skills, and organisational skills. A mental health assistant is responsible for supporting patients with mental and emotional issues under the supervision of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. They assist patients in performing their daily activities, monitoring their progress, and observing their personal and social behaviours.

Moreover, mental healthcare assistants conduct recreational and engaging activities for the patients as part of their cooperative treatment plans.

The most important skill that a mental health support worker is to remain calm in a stressful situation and be flexible enough to be dealing with a range of different behaviours that may present certain challenges.

Care Worker (CW)

The role of care workers is to provide support to an individual who requires care daily. They are responsible for assisting with daily tasks and improving the quality of patients’ lives. Care workers work with children, the elderly, and people with physical as well as learning disabilities. They give essential support to an older person who wishes to continue living in their own home. This could include help with personal care, like washing and dressing. Care workers will often help with domestic duties and provide companionship.

Care workers help support the individual to remain as independent as possible, all while living in their home and having access to the local community. Main duties include showering, bathing, shaving, and maintaining oral hygiene. They also support people with mobility issues, conduct housework for the patient to ensure a stable environment, and among many other things, provide social care. Most importantly, the care worker is responsible for reporting the patient’s health and general well-being to family and upper-level medical professionals. They are essential in the medical field and would be a great asset to your medical staff brigade.

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At Proximity, our commitment to providing top-notch healthcare professionals remains unwavering. We take pride in the expertise and passion exhibited by each healthcare professional, ensuring that your patients receive the highest quality care possible. As we continue to expand our network and enhance our services, we invite you to contact us. We hope that this comprehensive compilation has provided you with valuable insights into the dedicated and skilled individuals who make up our esteemed team. Together, we can make great strides in healthcare and make a positive impact on countless lives.