How To Find The Perfect Healthcare Candidate?

How To Find The Perfect Healthcare Candidate

How To Find The Perfect Healthcare Candidate?

So, the time has come to find the perfect healthcare candidate. Your organisation must do it effectively, successfully, and quickly. Time and effort are a big aspect of healthcare institutions, so you really can’t afford to waste any of it. You may be wondering how do we find the perfect healthcare candidate? This blog post explains exactly how your organisation can find the perfect healthcare candidate. Though, if you choose to undertake this massive task of the hiring process, just be aware that the process of finding the perfect healthcare candidate looks something like this:

1. Post job openings on targeted job boards.

Your healthcare facility would start the process by placing a targeted outreach on mainstream job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed. This is a tedious and time-consuming process. Keep in mind that thousands of applicants are likely to apply for the job opening. The task of sorting through the applications, narrowing down the appropriate candidates, getting in contact with them, and setting up an interview schedule falls on your organisation. However, if your organization meticulously detail the job description and what you want in the candidates that are applying, you are going to be more effective in drawing in the right candidates.

Proximity is here to help. The above-mentioned task falls into our dedicated teams’ hands. The only thing that your institution needs to do is to contact Proximity and we will take it from there. Not convinced yet? Let’s continue.

2. Boost your employer branding.

Due to the high demand for healthcare jobs, it’s beneficial to your organization to be a beacon that stands out among the rest. You would have to rethink your employer brand and how you could effectively communicate your vision and values with prospective candidates. You want quality candidates to apply for the position, and being clear in your brand’s vision and mission filters out the candidates that might not be ideal for your institution.

Proximity does the talking for you. We inform the candidates of the benefits that your healthcare facility might provide, and if there are any other queries on the candidates’ part, we take on the role of being the middleman. All relevant information will be asked for during the consultation we have with you, to ensure that your brand stays true and unique.

3. Invest in recruiting software.

Possessing a good applicant tracking system will help you deal with all the recruiting headaches. This includes a high cost per hire, time-to-hire, or limited access to diverse and qualified candidates. Your organization could get involved with a mainstream recruitment company that cares more about getting candidates placed rather than seeking the right candidate for your organization. Your organization would need to undergo a vetting process of thoroughly investigating an individual.

Proximity Healthcare already has recruiting software that provides excellent placement for candidates and healthcare facilities alike. The only aspect of the recruitment process that your healthcare facility needs to worry about is getting in contact with us. We will take the rest from there and find the perfect healthcare candidate for you in no time at all!

4. Assess the candidates soft skills, thoroughly.

Compassion is the main skill that any healthcare worker is required to possess. Candidates must acquire the ability to communicate and listen effectively, they must place value on helping others, and they must be able to work under pressure.The candidate should also have acquired relevant experience within the healthcare industry. The more relevant experience the candidate has the better the candidate will do when working for your organization. Before conducting the interview, your organization would need to prepare the interview questions to be able to assess the candidates traits, experience, and skills. The interview will help you find the perfect candidate.

Our dedicated team assesses the candidates personality and skills. When it comes to healthcare candidates, we only recruit the best there are, and depending on what your organisation strives for, we match you with the right person for the task. This is just one of the many processes on how we find the perfect healthcare candidate!

5. Get in contact with the candidates previous employers.

References are essential within the healthcare industry. A good work ethic is a valuable skill for any organization. However, within the healthcare industry, it is important to ask how the candidate handled stress, how well they co-operated with the team, how well they follow instructions, and especially importantly, what they could’ve done a bit better. Patients are at the core of any candidates workday, and without their full cooperation within your organization, they will not be the perfect candidate for the job.

How to find the perfect healthcare candidate? Getting in contact with the candidates previous employers is a step that we here at Proximity do not take lightly. We contact the previous employers of our candidates to ensure that they are well equipped to handle the new position within your organization.

6. Become aware of the skills gap.

For employers, candidates are perceived to be lacking in education and failing to stay current with medical and technological shifts and skills. On the candidates side, strict job requirements deter them from applying for positions above the entry-level. Simply determining how many healthcare professionals are required for your institution is not enough. Filling the gaps will not be as effective when ensuring successful patient outcomes as assessing the skills gap. This assessment is a complex process, requiring input from all levels within the healthcare industry. However, if your organization is aware of the skills gap, you could easily find the perfect candidate. If your organization and the candidate are on the same page, chances are there won’t be any surprises waiting down the line when it comes to your chosen candidate.

Proximity continually assesses the skills gap that arises within the healthcare industry. We use an evidence-based tool to assist in finding the best healthcare candidate. The skill set of the candidate should reflect patient care needs and local requirements, considering the experience and capabilities of the candidate. Where there are lower levels of qualified healthcare workers, evidence shows, there are higher rates of errors in care.

7. Secure financial investments and time allocation for recruitment.

Hiring a healthcare worker can be time-consuming, from posting the job opening to securing the candidates spot within the team. The time this process can take is between six weeks to two months. Additionally, the investment the organisation would need to make into a candidate is substantial, especially when considering labour laws and contacts. If the candidate is not suitable for the position, it is a long process to hire someone else. However, if your organization followed the above-mentioned steps and found common ground with the candidate, you are likely to be successful.

Rather invest in a candidate that you know would make a return on investment. The latter is patient outcome, that is the return on investment within the healthcare industry. With Proximity, time is always of the essence. With our already established system of qualified and competent staff, you could find a healthcare candidate in no time.

8. How We Find the Perfect Healthcare Candidate for Your Institution!

Proximity has a range of processes in place to ensure that your time with us is as effective as can be. Apart from conducting clinical interviews, and conducting a thorough skills check, along with a literacy and numeracy competency test, we also conduct a regulatory body check through the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Furthermore, our dedicated consultants have a maximum number of candidates and roles they work with. This is to always ensure the highest level of service for clients and candidates alike. Proximity also ensures that the candidate is legally sound for employment within the UK medical industry by utilizing a compliance test, an HCPC & HPAN check, a background check, and lastly, by completing a right-to-work and qualification verification process.