Frequently Asked Questions by Healthcare Providers

Frequently Asked Questions by Healthcare Providers

Q: How fast can Proximity get staff supplied to my service?

A: We have a team of dedicated consultants who have different focus areas in the UK. This means that depending on your area, you will have at least 4 consultants working on your profile, assisting with finding the best quality candidates in a timely manner. Depending on your location and our staffing capacity, it could take anywhere from a few hours to 2 weeks.

Q: What are your charge rates and how do you determine them?

A: Each location in the UK has its own general charge rates. These are based on the difficulty of candidates travelling to your service location, the tier you require us to work with you on, the pay rates the market requests in your area and the frequency of shifts you are able to provide with us every week. Please contact if you require staffing solutions.

Q: What is your compliance process?

A: We keep our compliance process very stringent and in line with the NHS requirements. We also ensure that all relevant documents have been verified to ensure their validity. We are happy to provide profiles of each candidate for your reference. Equally important, all our training is done on CSTF level or BILD accredited and is kept up to date annually. DBS’s all done in-house unless they are on the “Update Service” and our clinical interviews are done in-house.